Who am I

When I try to describe myself, it usually happens that I talk about who I am as a musician, so I’ll begin from there.

I was around 4 years old and I loved making noises with anything that could produce a sound: cutlery from the kitchen, my grandfather’s tools, the toys which I played with… Furthermore, I could spend hours and hours singing without getting tired. My parents knew that there was something special behind it and they decided to enroll me in the music school of my hometown, Aranjuez.

After 2 years learning music theory, I had to choose an instrument. That was a difficult choice because there were no musicians in my family and I barely had an idea of what instruments existed, so I wrote a list with the only 4 instruments that I knew: piano, violin, saxophone and flute. As you can tell, violin was the chosen one and that is how everything started.

What I’ve studied

My first violin teacher was Elena Eriutina with whom I studied for 4 years in Aranjuez’s Music School and then I entered in the ‘Conservatory of Music and Dance Victoria de los Ángeles’ in Madrid. There I began to discover my love to play with other musicians, which lives out until today. Those were also 6 very difficult years in which I had to deal with my education in high school and my musical training in the conservatory at the same time. Nevertheless, my violin teacher Sergio Castro encouraged me to continue my violin studies and I auditioned for a Bachelor in Classical Music in the ‘Conservatory of Music of Aragón’ in Zaragoza. I lived for 4 years in this city where I was surrounded by very talented colleagues with whom I played lots of music, and my teachers were incredible musicians from whom I learnt a lot regarding music and violin playing.

Before studying in that Conservatory I did enjoy playing violin, but thanks to my violin teacher Juan Luis Gallego, I learnt how to really love playing violin and to feel grateful for devoting myself to one of the most beautiful things that exists in the world: music.

My passion and ambition to keep improving and becoming a better violinist brought me to study a Master in Classical Music in ‘ArtEZ University of the Arts’ in Zwolle, The Netherlands, with professor Sarah Kapustin.

Moving to the Netherlands made me realize that I love being an active musician that participates in every kind of projects and performances. It doesn’t matter in which part of the world I live, as long as I can play music and share it with an audience, I will always feel home.

My vision

I have talked about how I grew up with music and how much I love art, but as someone that lives in a society, I find very important to know or, at least, to have a notion about what is art and which is its role in society. In the first year of my Master these questions popped out frequently and after so much thinking and debating I believe that art should in first place transmit emotions and feelings through beauty. I could sit for hours trying to explain what beauty is: a lovely melody of a romantic concerto, the roughness of some Stravinsky music, the crudity of the Shostakovich’s piano trios, the crystalline sound of a Haydn symphony, the eclecticism of Mozart’s operas, the counterpoint of Bach’s fugues….and these are just some examples in the field of music, but if I try to keep describing beauty in other fields such as painting, other kind of feelings would represent beauty. For example: the feeling of solitude in front of ‘The sea of fog’, the warmth of ‘The kiss’, the curiosity of ‘Het meisje met de parel’, the rawness of war from ‘Guernica’, the feeling of discomfort or revulsion after appreciating Goya’s black paintings, and so on.

All these masterpieces have something in common, you can’t leave an Auditorium or a Museum without having felt any kind of emotion. I believe you cannot experience art indifferently and we, artists, should use the power it has to make people feel alive, to ask questions, to give them the strength to fight against something, to denounce injustices, etc. But for me, the most unique quality of the arts is the power it has to make people leave their differences, their political thoughts or their religious beliefs apart and join people with such different backgrounds and cultures together. I can’t think of any other thing that makes people live in peace in a society full of hate, even if it’s just for a while.